• Proud to introduce the new HumiFresh® Hybrid 200, the whole home ventilation both Heat and Energy Recovery System.

    This unique dual-core combination system features an ERV and an HRV! IoT App is also available for better control and comfort. LAUNCH IN SPRING 2023.
myhome logoControl your indoor air quality from home or afar. There are many benefits to using the myHome unit: it eliminates unpleasant odors, reduces humidity, protects against mold, detects and expels carbon monoxide. The application allows you to adjust settings and controls, monitor unit conditions in real time, check the weather forecast and fill out the warranty card.

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Each of our humidity control and ventilation units is a “green machine” that not only produces healthy air in your home, but also protects the environment by using 10x less electricity than a standard dehumidifier.

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Have one and love it! the unit fully matches our expectations
Leon M. W, Ph.D. | North Andover, MA 01845